Listening Post #16
10 September 2015, Posted in: Listening Post

Welcome to The Listening Post, where each week we get an insight into the radio listening habits of a guest contributor. Once each person has made their picks, we ask them to nominate someone for the following week's Listening Post...

Last week, after being nominated by sound artist and radio producer Mark Vernon, Dinah Bird and Jean-Philippe Renoult - sound / radio artists and producers from Paris - chose their selections. You can view them here.

For this week's Listening Post Dinah and Jean-Phillippe have nominated Ilaria Gadenz and Carola Haupt from Radio Papesse. Radio Papesse is an online audio archive devoted to contemporary art; it is a site devoted to the articulation of the critical discourse around the visual arts, to the promotion of experimental sound and radiophonic productions. In the last nine years, since Radio Papesse was born within the Palazzo delle Papesse Contemporary Art Center in Siena, it has invited artists, musicians, producers and DJs to confront themselves with the rules of radiophonic storytelling. 

Check out their selections below...

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