05 July 2012, Posted in: In the studio

Folded Wing’s next documentary for BBC Radio 1Xtra airs on Sunday 8th July at 9pm.

With the Olympics drawing ever nearer in East London, Gangs On Film delves into the grimy side of the area to look at the portrayal of gangs on TV and in films.

The ‘hood’ genre has been particularly popular in productions such as ‘Top Boy’, ‘Sket’ and ‘Anuvahood’ in recent years. In this programme, Twin B explores the major themes of this genre such as drug culture, girl gangs, riots and football hooligans and asks whether these films give a realistic portrayal of gangs.

Gangs on Film is produced by Rachel Essien and features Plan B, Ashley Walters, Noel Clarke and Adam Deacon among others.

Here is a taster clip from the documentary.