Listening Post #62
20 September 2016, Posted in: Listening Post

Welcome to The Listening Post, where each week we get an insight into the radio listening habits of a guest contributor. Once each person has made their picks, we ask them to nominate someone for the following week's Listening Post...

Our previous Listening Post was provided by Katie Shepherd from Listening Booth, where she is the host and co-producer of the forthcoming podcast called What's Happening Here. You can view her recommendations here.

Katie has nominated Hattie Pearson to provide the next Listening Post. Hattie is a presenter on Radio X, hosting in the small hours of 1-4 AM, Monday to Friday. Originally from Berkshire but now an adopted northerner, Hattie is proud to DJ across some of Manchester’s finest venues including her 80's residency, Girls On Film. Hattie is also a band manager and has a YouTube channel focusing on Manchester and its music scene. Additionally, she is an ambassador for Girls Out Loud, a social enterprise supporting girls from underprivileged backgrounds to raise their aspirations.

Check out her recommendations below...

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