Listening Post #58
25 July 2016, Posted in: Listening Posts

Welcome to The Listening Post, where each week we get an insight into the radio listening habits of a guest contributor. Once each person has made their picks, we ask them to nominate someone for the following week's Listening Post...

Our previous Listening Post was provided by Devon Taylor. Devon works on Millennial and The Allusionist and used to run the fantastic pod review site The Timbre. Check out her choices here.

Devon has nominated American producer Ann Heppermann to provide our latest Listening Post. Ann’s work has appeared on some of the best U.S. podcasts, including This American Life and 99% Invisible. She currently runs The Sarah Awards, produces the fiction podcast, Serendipity, and teaches audio fiction and narrative journalism at Sarah Lawrence College. 

Check out Ann's recommendations below... 

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