Listening Post #84
05 September 2018, Posted in: Listening Post

Welcome to The Listening Post, where every month we get an insight into the radio listening habits of a guest contributor. Once each person has made their picks, we ask them to nominate someone for the following Listening Post.

Rebecca Lloyd-Evans provided our last Listening Post. She is primarily a storyteller who works with audio and film to provide voices to marginalised communites, with an aim of having the projects leading to social change. Recent audio-based projects include High Rise for BBC Radio 4 and Camera Off Podcasts for The Guardian, all of which provide a fascinating insight into important social areas. 

Recently we welcomed two new members to the Folded Wing family Cassidy Baillie and Pippa Brown, and so to introduce them into the office, we invited them on to give us their audio reccomendations. 

Check out their recommendations below...

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