Listening Post #83
19 July 2018, Posted in: Listening Post

Welcome to The Listening Post, where every month we get an insight into the radio listening habits of a guest contributor. Once each person has made their picks, we ask them to nominate someone for the following Listening Post.

Lucia Scazzocchio provided our last Listening Post, a Social Broadcaster who creates audioscapes which weave together individual personal stories to illustrate wider social contexts. Amongst her picks was a piece from Rebecca Lloyd-Evans, who is providing our next Listening Post. She is primarily a storyteller who works with audio and film to provide voices to marginalised communites, with an aim of having the projects leading to social change. Recent audio-based projects include High Rise for BBC Radio 4 and Camera Off Podcasts for The Guardian, all of which provide a fascinating insight into important social areas.

Check out her recommendations below...

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